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Garage Door Springs

Torsion Springs are the most common used counter balance used for a garage door in today's industry. Having the correct springs on your garage door is vital it its overall functionality and longevity. Having the wrong springs on your garage door can not only be dangerous but costly. The garage door openers life span is affected by how well your door is balanced. If the wrong Torsion springs are on a garage door this puts undue stress on the garage door opener which will cause it to fail prematurely.

All garage doors that are 12ft in width or greater must have a dual spring system. There are some garage door companies that cut corners and manipulate wood springs to fit on steel doors. This allows door companies to turn a greater profit during the install but cost the customer more in the future when it breaks. Springs come in different sizes and lengths for the same garage door. You can purchase a spring that has as few as 5,000 lifecycles or as many as 55,000 lifecycles. A lifecycle is how many times the garage door will open and shut before the spring will break.

The average home in the US that has a garage door, opens and shuts it 4 to 6 times per day. That equates to around 2,200 times a year. So if you have a 5,000 lifecycle spring then expect to replace it every other year. You can spend a little more and get a 30,000 lifecycle torsion spring and you will expect to replace it in 13 years.

Torsion springs are also very dangerous. They should only be replaced by experienced technicians who have been properly trained. When you have a broken garage door spring you should call the professionals at Assurance Overhead Doors. We can get there fast and have you back to normal with our fast same day service. So call us today at 918-259-5050.