Overhead Door Openers

If you are a home owner and have a overhead door or some like to call it a garage door, chances are you have a overhead door opener. These great inventions have transformed how we access our homes on a daily bases. The days of looking for the front door key on your key ring have all but faded away. Now we simply drive up to the house and press our overhead door opener remote and the garage door opens allowing us to drive in or walk into our home. With the advancement of technology people now days are actually using their phones to open and shut their overhead door opener. With our new Liftmaster line of openers, you can now use an app to open, shut or even monitor your garage door from anywhere. This technology also allows you to turn on lights when you are out of town or will be late getting home. Many of our customers love the fact they can turn on lights in the home when they drive up giving them a more sense of security. If you have an older overhead door opener and would like to update it, give us a call at Assurance Overhead Doors 918-259-5050. We have a large variety of overhead door openers you can choose from and its cheaper than you might think.

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