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When you need a garage door or opener repaired or maybe you need to replace one of them or both do not fall for all the "Gimmicks" garage door companies are now using. When your garage door spring breaks it never does at a good time. Normally, your car is trapped inside and you need to leave. Maybe, you go to open the overhead door and all you hear is a humming noise or a clicking noise and now you need to hire a garage door company.  This is where the dangers await you!!!

With smart phones now being the main device people use to serf the internet, many non local garage door or overhead door companies are now spending record amounts to buy Google Ads.  When you grab that smart phone and type in garage door or overhead door repair etc: they are the first ones you will see pull up at the top of the search.  We want to warn you now!!!! If your going to use a company from the internet always scroll down to google maps and there you will find mostly local companies. If you can't find a physical address that's not a PO Box or some sort of suite number then keep searching.  Your local companies will have an actual address verified by Google. 

Next, make sure if you get something in the mail concerning garage door repair or overhead door replacement with a bunch of coupons on them that just look to good to be true.  Trust us they are!!! They are using gimmicks to get people to call them out and then this is where things go horribly wrong for you, the home owner.  5 to 10 years ago you would just get a phone book and you would find a list of LOCAL garage door companies that would do a fine job taking care of you but now with the internet, non local companies have flooded every major city pretending to be local when they are not.  You can pretend to be anything on the internet and that is just what these companies are doing (if you want to call them companies).  We receive calls daily from customers say should a garage door repair cost $750.00 or should a new garage door opener cost $900?  These companies promote $200 of a new garage door or $49 garage door tune up.  When all they are wanting you to do is call them and their sales people get into your home and use high pressure sales tactics to force you into buying over priced products and many times selling you things you don't even need for ridiculous prices.   If a company won't come out and give you a FREE ESTIMATE then don't even bother with them.   At Assurance Overhead Doors, Inc. we are your local garage door company and when you contact our team there is no Gimmicks and there is no high pressure sales pitches.  We will fix, repair or replace your garage door or opener at a fair price because we want to keep you for a customer for life. We are not interested in ripping you off today rather we are interested in providing you with a service that done the right way the first time at a fair price.

So the next time you need that garage door or overhead door opener looked at don't go to the internet and choose one of those sharks instead just call us at 918-259-5050 or visit us at were you can do an online estimate. Never have to worry about dealing with companies like this again.  We look forward to hearing from you the next time you have a garage door need.

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