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Blog | Garage Door Hardware is Very Important

Garage Door companies have a tendency to put on cheap hardware in order to drive down the cost of their garage doors.

You can have the best garage door on the market but if your overhead door hardware is low quality the door isn't going to perform long term.  Many overhead door companies in in the Tulsa area use low grade hinges, rollers, cables and track so that service is generated in just a few years.  Many companies use plastic rollers that don't even have a ball bearing race to them. They also use very thin 18G hinges and some even use plastic hinge systems that allow the sections to just snap together for faster install times.

Any time you are looking to replace your overhead door you should always ask the company to show you the type of hardware they will be using.  Will they be installing a single spring system or a dual spring system. Will they be using plastic rollers or a steel roller with ball bearings with a nylon cap? Will they be using 18x18 cables or 7x7 cables? Will they be using a horizontal track that will have at least a 82' support strut to keep the track from flexing?

95% of the time when you get an estimate from a garage door company they never want to mention the hardware. The reason being is that's were they are going to cheap in order to stay competitive with their competitors.

At Assurance Overhead Doors, inc. we give you a break down of exactly what you will be getting with your door. We show you the hardware and allow you to see the differences in our products.  The overhead door is going to be something that you use several times a day and for years. You want something that is going to last well past the 1 year warranty you get. Now there are some companies that offer a 5 year parts and labor but they have many ways to get out of those warranties and are just a huge sales gimmick to get the sale up front and you are then left in the future with a warranty that does not perform like you were lead to believe it would. 

The next time you need are garage door or overhead door replaced or repaired. Call the professionals at Assurance Overhead Doors, Inc. we are a no gimmick, up front, family owned company that will take care of you the first time and be there for you when you need us in the future.

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