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There are a few different types of garage door springs used on overhead doors today. Some doors have a tube spring that opens the garage door. Some doors have extension springs, but the best type of garage door spring is the Torsion spring set up.

The tube spring option do not last very long and when they break the home owner does not know it. Since the springs are in a tube they are not visible and may times the home owner will try and open the door using their garage door opener and it will damage the top section. Its not until a repair man is called that the home owner learns of the costly repair that will be needed. Tube springs are much more expensive to repair because the entire tube spring along with its shaft have to be replaced.

The extension spring is not very common today but some door companies still use these. They do not make for a very smooth open and shut because you who two different springs pulling on the door from each side of the door. These doors have a tendency to rock side to side as they open because the springs do not work from the same location.

The best garage door spring method is the Torsion spring set up.  In this style two springs are connected together on a torsion bar and they turn the bar that then turns what are called drums which then use a cable to lift the overhead door. Since the springs are working perfectly together they lift the door smoothly without any side to side action. Also these springs are easily noticeable when they break as indicated in the photo on this blog. They are much more costly to repair and last much longer than the other two garage door spring options.

So if your looking to have a new garage door installed make sure the garage door company that is bidding on the job is going to be using a dual torsion spring set up on their product. You will have a better overall experience with this type of overhead door for years to come.

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