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Blog | What Garage Door Companies don't want you to know

It's not every day, every month or even every year you need
a new garage door or some called it a overhead door.  Some people replace their door because they
have a old one that keeps breaking down. Some replace it because they want to a
new look and others replace it due to an accident. 

When shopping for a new door there is something 90% of
garage door companies will not tell you when you call them for an
estimate.  They don't mention the type of
hardware they will be using on their garage doors.  There are huge differences in manufactures in
how doors are built but there is one thing that really sets them apart and its

This is where Overhead Door companies go cheap to save some
money and to make sure you will need them again in the near future.  Many garage door companies use a single
spring system, they use 18 to 20 gage hinges, cheap plastic rollers, cheap
cables and this guarantee's them you will need service within 18 to 24

What kind of hardware should you be getting for your
money.  You would be getting a dual
torsion spring set up if your door is wider than 12ft.  You should be getting
14 gage wide body mouth hinges, and 11 ball steel nylon capped rollers.  In these 3 areas a door company can save
$150.00 by putting in cheaper products and you wouldn't know it.  This is why some companies are cheaper than
others on their estimates.  If a company
doesn't explain to you everything you are getting then they are hiding the fact
they are not using quality hardware on their garage doors. 

Finally,  always use
someone local and you will know if they are local or not by looking at their
address on their website.  Stay away from
any company that does not have a business address because this means they are
not local but trying to make it appear as if they are. 

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