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Blog | What Kind of Garage Door is best for You?

Are you finally looking to replace that old garage door? You may be asking yourself what kind of garage door should I buy. Most people ask themselves 3 questions when starting this process. One, What company should I use. Two, What style of door should I get. Finally, how much I am going to spend.

Lets look at all three of these questions in todays Blog. When looking for a replicable Garage Door Company or some may say Overhead Door company, it has become very important to find someone that is truly local.  With many of us now days looking things up on our smart phones, tablets or computer.  This has given way to many scammers who pretend to be local companies in your area and then overcharge and don't provide any service after the sale or install.  If your going to look for a local company online make sure they have a local address that is not a suite number or unit number as many of these are not local garage door companies.  Make sure they will come out and give you a free estimate first before committing to anything. If they show up in a unmarked vehicle they are not local. If they show up with a magnet on the side of the vehicle they are a subcontractor and should not be trusted.  You should never have to give a deposit unless you ordering something that is custom. Like overhead door that has windows or is some type of custom door that is not common.  Also watch out for the gimmicks these companies use. Such as, lifetime warranties,  5 year parts and labor warranties etc: these are just gimmicks and they are know intention of every fulfilling these warranties.  The national standard is 1 year parts and labor.  Also, make sure they are not going to use a 3rd party contractor to install your garage door.

Secondly, what kind of door should you purchase? If you see yourself living in your current home for more than 2 years it is recommend that you have a insulated garage door installed. Not only are these doors more energy efficient but they are also make very little noise compared to a non-insulated door. It's not only about what the door looks like but how long is it going to hold up with the demands that we as homeowners put on our doors every day.  For most people the garage door has become the front door and having something that is going to last long term is key.  There are several different manufactures in the green country area and you want to make sure you purchase a door that several companies support.  If you purchase a Overhead door that only that company supports if you ever have an accident then you won't be able to call another company if you are not happy with the service you received when it was installed. Many companies know this and will overcharge you for service because they know you can't call anyone else.

Thirdly, How much should you pay. Well that depends on what kind of garage door and style you choose. The average garage door in the Tulsa market should run you between $700-$750 for a non insulated door and $850-$900 for an insulated overhead door.  Now if you get into the custom doors then that prices goes to $1,500 to $1,800 for a two car garage door. When getting estimates if a company does not go over the type of hardware you will be receiving with your garage door then be cautious of that company because many will sell you a door and then go cheap on the hardware which is the most important part of your garage door long term. 

So if your looking to replace your garage door or just need not have your current overhead door serviced give Assurance Overhead Doors,Inc. a call at 918-259-5050 and we will take great care of you. We are a local garage door company that has been servicing the Tulsa metro area for 22 years. Our goal is to keep our customers for life and our garage doors are made right here in the great state of Oklahoma. We look forward to providing you with garage door service in the future.

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