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In the Tulsa market there are 16 Tulsa Garage Door Companies. Out of those 16 companies only 4 (Do Not) use sub-contractors. Assurance Overhead Doors is one of those companies. When you are searching for a Tulsa garage door company to provide you with garage door or some would say overhead door service make sure you don't get bit by a company that uses sub-contractors. You might say what is the difference? There are several but I am going to give you 5 reasons why its a huge difference to you as a home owner.

1) Tulsa garage door companies that sub out their work are more expensive. The sub-contractors care little about your overall experience they are only interested in how much they can sell you because they make their money off upselling you things you don't need for ridiculous prices. These Tulsa overhead door companies pay these contractors a percentage of the total ticket. There for the more the ticket about the more the contractors make.

2) Tulsa garage door companies that sub out their work do so to sub-contractors that rarely are insured and bonded for your protection. If one of these subcontractors are in your home doing work and get hurt and they are not properly insured they can sue you the home owner. We hear about these type of incidents happening every year.

3) Tulsa overhead door companies that sub out their work almost never warranty their work. We have been to customers who have had another Tulsa garage door company provide them with service and a few months later are having issues with those repairs. They tell us they have contacted the company on several occasions and they say they will send someone back out and never do. With the garage door now every ones front door it is not feasible to go more than a few days with the overhead door not working or maybe not even a day if its stuck open.

4) Tulsa garage door repair companies that use sub-contractors do not monitor what their subs use in ways of products. We go do many homes where a customer has used one of these Tulsa garage door companies to replace their torsion spring and after just a few months its broke again. This is because the contractor provided a torsion spring that was used. They many times will paint old springs to make them look new but they are not. They also use products that are refurbished and do not meet quality standards for use on a garage door that is opened and shut some 6 to 8 times a day and therefore do not last.

5) Tulsa garage door companies that sub out their work do not vet or do back ground checks on the subcontractors they use. The tell tell sign that you have contacted a company that uses a contractor is in the type of vehicle they arrive in. It will always be their person vehicle with no decals and if they do have a decal it will be a magnet that they can take off after they leave your home. They are normally not dressed in a company uniform and if they do that is about all they have telling you who they are.

The next time you need garage door or overhead door service and your wondering who to use. Always ask the company you call if they use their own employees and will they be in a marked truck and in a uniform. If they are hesitant to answer your question then hang up and go to the next one.  You could just start with Assurance Overhead Doors, Inc. who has been servicing these Tulsa area since 1995. Assurance Overhead Doors, Inc. uses our own employees. They are drug tested, a thorough background check is done. They are trained by us and have to meet our standards before they allowed to perform repairs in your home. They will always show up in a company truck well marked and in uniform. They have all the proper insurance for your protection.  So the next time your looking for a Tulsa garage door repair company look no further than Assurance Overhead Doors, Inc. 918-259-5050 or we know customer service.

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