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I am new to the Tulsa area and when I realized I had a broken garage door spring, I didn't know who to call!! A co-worker said they had used Assurance a few times in the past and always received great service. So, I called and Luke the gentleman who answered the phone was very polite and professional. He allowed me to ask my questions and then answered them. I, scheduled my appointment for 2-4 that same afternoon. At 2:15pm, I got a call from Bryant, letting me know he was the technician assigned my work order and he was about 25 min away from arriving. Well at 2:35 he arrived!!! He was in a marked vehicle, which is very important to me anyway. He had a uniform on and was very professional. I, had a single spring on my garage door and it's a two car garage door. He told me any door over 12ft wide should have a dual spring system, so that when one breaks you are not trapped. Made perfect since as my car was trapped because, I couldn't get my garage door open that morning and had to have a co-worker stop and pick me up. In no time Bryant had my door fixed and serviced. He checked out everything on my garage door and opener. The only thing that he recommended was replacing the rollers as they did appear to be original and the door had a date on the side showing installed nearly 10 years ago. I, agreed to have him replace the rollers and I am so glad I did. It made my garage door sound like it was brand new. I am very pleased with my experience with Assurance. It was very simple from start to finish and a few days later, I received a Letter from Assurance thanking me for my business. I have my garage door company going forward and will tell all my friends and posted it on my Facebook page.
- Linda B. - 11.15.14

This past Monday when my daughter was leaving for school she didn't allow the garage door to get all the way up and she backed into the bottom 2 sections. See called me to let me know what happened and I left work so that I could check on the damage. As soon as I pulled up I could tell this was not fixable. I got on line and found Assurance Overhead Doors, Inc. They had great reviews and they had a local address. (through my experiences don't hire a company that doesn't have a local address. Don't use a company that has a PO Box or they are in unit B. They are not local and they have no warranties no matter what they say.) I called and a Tec was out in about an hour. He agreed the door would have to be replaced and since it was not functional they could replace it today. He showed me the different products they carried on a I-Pad (thought this was cool). I chose a door and it was in stock. I am not kidding when I say the Tec Mark tore out my old garage door in about 10 min and my daughter was off to school. He loaded up the old door system and told me another Tec would be here within the next hour. 45 min later Steven shows up with my new door and has it installed in about an hour and 15 min. I was done and back in about 3 hours time from when my daughter called me. These guys are well trained professionals and there is no doubt whoever is running this company knows what they are doing.
- Toney C - 11.19.14

I have used Assurance on two other occasions and every time its great service. I think the best thing about them is they are always on time and their tecs are very knowledgeable and professional. They are very dependable when you need garage door service.
- Pete H - 12.02.14

I normally don't write reviews but when a company does everything the correct way you want to let people know about it. As a consumer you find allot of companies that see as just a ticket or an invoice. With Assurance you just get that feel that you matter and they take pride in keeping you as their customer. I have told several of my friends and family about Assurance and many of them have used their services and are glad I told them about Assurance.
- Cindy K - 12.06.14

My garage Door opener quit this morning and I seen that Assurance had a Liftmaster 8360 model on their website for 399 installed. I booked the appointment online and the tec came out just when I had asked. The whole job took just over an hour and WOW this garage door opener is quiet. The tec showed me how everything worked and even serviced my Garage Door while he was here. These guys are awesome!!!
- Mike N - 12.13.14

My garage door spring broke on a Saturday afternoon and my car was trapped. I called a few companies that said they had after hours service but no one answered. When I called Assurance their after hrs tec Matt answered. He gave me up front pricing and it was only $39.00 extra for after hours. I told him to come on out. He was at my house in 35 min and had me fixed up in no time. Highly recommend this company.
- - Louis G - 01.13.15

My garage door was shut on a rake and knocked it off track. I got on line and seen Assurance Overhead Doors. I called and told them what had happened and they scheduled me for a service call. The tec showed up just when they said he would. Was in a marked truck and uniform and was very pleasant. He had my garage fixed in about 40 min. He serviced everything and I thought the price was very fair. Will call them back if I have any other garage door issues.
- -Shelley S - 01.18.15

Great customer service, was on time, was very knowledgeable. Will use again and will recommend to friends.
- - Pete B - 02.02.15

The spring on our garage door broke and my wife could not get the car out to take the kids to school. I looked on line and found Assurance. They have a A+ rating with the BBB so I called them. Their Tec Mark was out in 45 min. He had our springs replaced and door serviced in 30 to 45 min. He also suggested we change out our roller because our current ones were in poor shape. WOW, what a difference that made. Our garage door now sounds like it's a brand new door for a fraction of the cost. I like the fact they have their prices on line and they are not full of gimmicks like most service companies are. Great job Assurance!!!
- Steven B - 02.06.15

I just purchased a house and the garage door sounded like it was about to implode. I scheduled a service call on line with Assurance. You never really know how those are going to go. I got a response back immediately informing me they had received my request and a Tec would contact me during the time I requested. Well I'll be if I didn't get a call during the time I requested. The Tec Matt said he was 15 min away and would be here shortly. He arrived and was very professional. He went over my entire door and opener and recommended replacing a few parts and the rollers. When he was done my garage door sounded 100 times better. I am very pleased with the service I received. I am very impressed that you can get this kind of service and you can schedule it online!!!!
- Martha D - 02.14.15

I called Assurance after finding them on line and Luke answered the phone. I told him my garage door would not go down with I pushed the button and he asked if the light on my opener was blinking and I told him yes. He said go the video link on their website and watch the video called Photo safety sensors. He said after watching the video and trying what the tec shows if I couldn't fix they could book be a service call. I watched the video and WOW, I did what they showed me to do and it worked. I just want to say what company does this for people??? They actually saved me money by showing me what I could do to fix it instead of trying to set up a service call where they would make money off my issue. If I ever have anything garage door related that I can't fix these guys are my door company and they should be yours as well.
- Mark S - 03.02.15

These guys were fast, punctual and price was very fair.
- Tim C - 03.06.15

My garage door spring broke and of course my car was trapped inside. I could not get the door to budge. I was late for work as was. I called Assurance and Luke took my call. He was very polite and told me their prices over the phone. Since I was in a pinch he said he would have a nearby tec come by within the hour. Donny showed up about 35 min later. Come to find out my garage door should have two springs which totally makes sense. To say these guys are punctual and professional is an understatement. I defiantly have a new garage door company and will tell my friends about Assurance.
- -Melissa L- 03.17.15

If you are looking for a great company who always gives you up front prices and only tells you want you need at the time, this is your garage door company. I have used Assurance for about 8 years. They are always on time and never try to sell me stuff I don't need. They let me know what needs to be done and there is no pressure to do it or not do it. They are a no gimmick company and I just wanted to say thank you Assurance for the great service.
- -Randy B- 03.24.15

One word to describe Assurance OHD is "Efficient". My garage door opener just stopped working this morning. I called Assurance and they had one of their Technicians out during the time I had requested. It was determined that my logic board was bad. The unit was 15 years old so I decided to have a new one installed. They had two on their truck for me to choose from. In about and hour, I had a Liftmaster 8360 unit installed and working. This opener is so quiet, it is a must if you need a new opener. This was the best experience I have had with a door company and will be calling Assurance back in the future.
- -Samantha C - 04.01.15

I had a issue with my garage door opener and found Assurance Online. I noticed they had a "Local Address" never do business with a company that doesn't have an address. I have learned this the hard way. The Tec Mike came out and diagnosed my issue and even fixed some things that made my door sound like it was new. Great Service!!! Called before he showed up and was on time. Would highly recommend Assurance to anyone needing garage door service.
- Mike M 04.15.15

I discovered I had a broken garage door spring at 10:30 last night. I drove my car in and shut the door and then heard what sounded like a shot gun going off in my garage. I had to be at work the next morning by 9:00. I filled out an online service request for early as possible the next morning. I got an e-mail back in just a few moments letting me a tec would be calling me in the morning. Sure enough the next morning at 7:30 I got a call from Mark saying he was on his way. I only had one spring but went with a dual spring so at least next time I could open my door if one broke. Mark serviced me door and was gone by 8:45 and I made it to work at 9:15. I want to say thanks Assurance for the fast and prompt service!!!!
- Lucas C 04.25.15

I just wanted to say its rare to find a company that posts their prices on their website and don't try and use gimics to rip you off after they in your home. I will be calling Assurance again if I have any more issues.
- Sandy S 05.01.15

I don't know about you but my time is important. What I like about Assurance is that they give you a 2 hour time frame and will call before their tec shows up at least 20 min. I never have to wait around for 4 hours wondering when a tec is going to show up. More service companies need to follow Assurances lead. Great Service, Great prices, and always on time.
- Alisha M 05.06.15

Great Service, Were on time, reasonably priced, and very knowledgeable. Will be referring them to family and friends.
- Shane S 05.12.15

My garage door opener would do nothing but click when I pressed the remote and wall button. I called assurance and spoke to Luke on the phone and explained my issue. He told me it was the logic board and had me try a few things just in case it was something else. After it was all said and done the board one the opener was fried due to our lightening storm. The unit was about 14 years old so I decided to replace the unit with the one they had on special, the Liftmaster 8550 model. They were even able to get me in the same day. The tec Chuck was very helpful and took no time to install the new unit and showed me and my wife how everything worked. Totally happy with the overall experience. The entire time I never felt pressured to upgrade anything or buy extended warranties. I felt like they just gave me the facts and gave me my options and allowed me to choose what I wanted to do. I have a new garage door company. Thanks Assurance!!!
- Stanley V 05.18.15

My husband was away on business and we had a broken garage door spring on the garage over night and I could not get the door up to get to work. I looked on line and Assurance had some good reviews and they were local. Plus they had their pricing on their website. I have learned when companies want to give you money off as a discount all they do is inflate their prices but Assurance spells it out right in front of you. I did an online service request for 8-10 this morning and at 8:25 a tec named Ryan showed up and got me fixed up and by 9:15 I was on my way to work. The pricing was just as they advertised on line. I did the two 15,000 LC springs for the $239.00 plus tax and that is exactly what I paid. He showed me how to lube the door and informed me at my next service my rollers would need to be replaced. This was easy. I wish all service companies were like Assurance.
- Lacey M 05.21.15

From start to finish Assurance was very professional and was very respectful of my time in always showing up on time. I need to replace my garage door and opener. They showed up on time for my estm and then on the install day the tec was at my home when they said he would be. They made the whole process simple for me as a home owner. Great service and would highly recommended this company if you need garage door work done.
- Ryan B 06.02.15

I have used Assurance two times in the past few years for spring repair as well as putting my door back on track after I shut it on a flag. They are always very prompted and courteous. The tec's you can tell are very good at what they do because they make the repairs look easy. They have reasonable pricing and you never feel like they are trying to sell you items you don't need. Thanks Assurance for the great continual work
- Doug P 06.08.15

These guys are fast. I called this morning with a broken garage door spring and my car was trapped inside and I couldn't get the door open. They had a tec at my house within an hour of me calling. The cheap builder only had the original door company put on one spring instead of two. I had Assurance install two spring so that in the future who ever lives in this house won't be trapped if one spring breaks. Will use these guys again.
- Shelly L 06.10.15

I love that these guys are not into gimmicks. Their prices are on their website. So many companies hide around what they are going to charge you over the phone and then hammer you when they show up at your house. Not Assurance, you can tell they are a company built on repeat customers just in how they take care of you during your garage door issue. Will be calling again for sure.
- Larry S 06.13.15

What a great experience from start to finish with Assurance. I only get one day off a week and that's Tuesdays. I have been needing a new door for a few months but was just putting it off. Well this morning I got a broken garage door spring and that was the final straw. I had no clue who to call. I seen some good reviews on Assurance so I called them. Pete they guy I spoke to on the phone was great. Mark the tic that came out was awesome as well. He gave me some options and once I picked the door I wanted he called the office and they told him to tear it out and they would send the door out. Mark had the door tore out in about 15 min (no kidding guy is fast) Another Assurance truck showed up with my door and in about 1 1/2 Hours Mark had my new door installed and opener hooked back up. It is so quiet (I went with the insulated door wasn't much more). Great Job Assurance!!!!
- Richard D 06.22.15

Their service was fast. They were up front with their prices and showed up on time and finished the work in a timely manner. I have a new door company.
- Tiffany L 07.02.15

Assurance Just left my house and I wanted to share my great experience. Today is July 4th 2015. Yes, 4th of July. My cable broke when the door was going up and I tried to fix it (bad Idea) I got the door so jacked up. I called my normal door company. In their message they said to call this cell phone number and a tec would call me back. I did and waited about 2 hours and no one called me back. I called Assurance and left a message as they instructed. In 5 min Chuck with Assurance Called. He said he was a tec on call and would be happy to help me out. He showed up about 25 min later. Had me fixed in no time. What great service!! If you have a door issue in the future call these guys they really do have after hour service.
- Ben L 07.04.15

I have used Assurance since 2004. They are always and I mean always on time, hard to find that now days out of service companies. They always take care of my garage door and opener needs. If you are looking for a dependable company look no further than Assurance. I have referred many of my friends to them and they also have given me great feedback on their experience.
- Betty J 07.14.15

If you are looking for a great Garage Door company look no further than Assurance. I have had door issues in the past and what I have found is most of the door companies in the Tulsa area use contract labor people. They show up in a unmarked truck and many times are not on time or very professional. They always try and sell you things you don't need. I guess they make some type of commission. Assurance has their prices on their website and their tec shows up in a marked truck and uniform. They fixed my broken garage door spring and showed me that I had some rollers that were not in very good shape. I elected to now change the rollers at this time because of the budget but the tec was very polite and just said when they break give us a call. I defiantly will be using this company again.
- Robert D 07.23.15

Wow, what service. From the time I called until when my broken garage door spring was repaired was about 2 hours. I think I have found my new garage door company.
- Mike C 08.03.15

Great Service, Fair Price and great product. I purchased the Liftmaster 8550 belt drive opener that they had on special. Its a little more expensive but well worth it. Highly recommended this opener.
- Delinda D 08.07.15

We had a power outage and when the power came back on the garage door opener would not work. I set up an online service request at 2:00 am. for the next morning between 10-12. At 10:20 I got a call from Mark introducing himself as my tech and that he was about 20 min away. Sure enough in 20 min he showed up . He diagnosed the issue as a board that had been damaged. The unit was 16 years old so I elected to replace. I was stunned that he had 3 different units to choose from on his truck. I made my choice and he went to work. In about an hour he had the new one installed and showed me how it worked. Great service all around. Way to have your trucks stocked with products Assurance. It was painless and fast.
- Patty C 08.24.15

One word describes this company. "Professionalism"
- Brian Z 08.30.15

I have used Assurance for over 10 years. Not one time have they ever been late. They always call before they show up and like I said they are here when they say they will be. I wish all the other companies I use for different services were like Assurance. They are a great company and you will enjoy them as much as I have.
- Lisa E 09.06.15

My garage door spring broke this morning and I was late getting the kids to school. I called Assurance and Pete was very helpful on the phone. He had a tech (Mark) out to my house in about an hour. Mark did a great job!!! more garage door sounds amazing. Will be calling Assurance if I have any more garage door issues.
- Liz S 09.12.15

I seen Assurance putting in a new garage door opener in for my neighbor. When the tech left I went over to see what kind he got. It was a Liftmaster 8550 and it was so quiet, I could hardly believe how little noise it made. My opener had been giving me some issues. I asked my neighbor if he was happy with the service and he said most defiantly. He has been using Assurance for a number of years. So I called and set up my installation. The process was so easy and they were on time for the install. The tech was very friendly and knowledgeable of the product. He was done in just over an hour. Great job Assurance!!
- Reggie L 09.17.15

Finally, A company that shows up on time. It seems like everyone I call to have some type of service done is always late and never early. I scheduled service with Assurance Overhead Doors, Inc. online. I didn't have high expectations that it would all work out but gave it a shot. WOW!!! I got an e-mail right back confirming my appointment and sure enough the tech called me 20 min before he arrived and he was on time. I about fell over. He put in my new Liftmaster opener in no time. He serviced my door and everything is working like new. I am very impressed with this company. If you need a garage door company would highly recommend these guys.
- Louis G 09.21.15

Great service over the phone!! Great service at my house. Hands down best company I have used for garage door service since living in Broken Arrow.
- Kerrie B 09.23.15

My son ran into our door by mistake and we were leaving town the next day. I called a few places and no one could seemed interested in my call. I called Assurance and got great service. Pete told me he would have someone come by and take a look. Chuck a tech with them was out in an hour and half. It was determined it would have to be replaced. He gave me some different options and said would you like it done now. I, said yes and he started tearing out the old door. Mark arrived with a garage door shortly after Chuck left and installed it in a jiffy. The door sounds and looks amazing. I am very impressed by Assurances service. Will be telling others about this.
- Mike M 09.25.15

I have used Assurance since 2004 and they never disappoint. They are always prompt and always get the job done right. Wouldn't use anyone else.
- Shelly 10.02.15

I learned my lesson today. My spring broke on my garage door and I seen a Assurance sticker on my garage door. I called them and got a price of $189.00 to fix it. I did what my mom told me to always to do and that's get a few prices from different companies. I found a company Tulsa Choice that said their spring repair was $89. That was $100 less than Assurance so I had them come out. The guy shows up in no uniform some older looking truck and went into the garage and spent about 5 min looking everything over before he began to work. He got the spring off and said this was a custom spring system and the cost to repair was going to be $675.00. I about fell over. I told him I was told $89 on the phone. He said that was just the service call and that we can't tell you a complete cost until we can see what type of spring system you have. Rewind, When I called Assurance the guy was very nice and informative. He told me the $189 covered everything except for the tax. He then warned me about this but I didn't listen. He told me that many companies give false quotes over the phone to get into your house and then drive up the price. Ok back to this guy from Tulsa's Choice. I told him I couldn't afford that and he said let me call my boss and see what they could do. He then called someone and they told him they could do it for $499. Wait a min with one call you shaved $175 off the cost. That when I knew something was up. I asked the man to leave that I would have to call back at a later time when I had the money. He told me he would need $89 now. So I paid him the $89 and he left. I called Assurance and the tech came out and what a difference. He was in a marked truck (Not very old) he was in a uniform. I asked him now its $189 plus tax right and he said yes mama. He fixed it in about 30 min and was on his way. Let my experience not become yours. Call Assurance first and save yourself some money.
- Lisa 10.05.15

Just wanted to say thank you Assurance Overhead for your fast service. Your technician Chuck was awesome and did a great job installing my new Liftmaster Opener.
- Logan 10.14.15

Great service, Great price and will defiantly let others know about your service.
- Toney 10.19.15

My garage door opener that was about 17 years old finally gave out on me last night. My dad told me to call sears but my sister told me to call Assurance Overhead Doors because they did her opener a few years ago and it works great. I went with my sisters recommendation and I am glad I did. Sorry Dad lol I chose the Liftmaster 8550 belt drive unit and WOW it is so quiet. Thanks Luke for such a great job. I know who I am calling in the future if I have a garage door issue.
- Christy 10.23.15

I have used another door company for years but something with them has changed. The last two visits were not good. I got a broken garage door spring this morning I called Assurance Overhead Doors who I found online. They had great reviews. Let's just say I was very impressed with their operation. The guy who answered was knowledgeable and professional. The technician showed up when they said he would and he had my springs replaced and because my rollers were in bad shape had those replaced as well. My door has never sounded this good in the 11 years I have lived here. Great Job Assurance!!!!
- Lenard 10.26.15

If you're looking for a garage door company that has great service look no further than these guys. From the initial call until the tech was done all I can say is professional in every way. Highly recommend Assurance Overhead Doors
- Josh S 11.03.15

My garage door opener finally gave up this weekend and on Monday I seen Assurance online and they had great reviews and now I know why. This company has it together!! I called and the man I spoke to was very knowledgeable and when the tech came out (was on time by the way) he looked at my old unit and then gave me some different choices on new ones. I thought he would have to go get it or we would have to reschedule a time to have it installed. Like I said these guys know what they are doing. He had both options on his truck and in about an hour and a half my new one was installed and working great. Thanks Assurance for your fast service.
- Lacey D 11.09.15

I have been using another company for the past 8 years and today I decided to use Assurance because my springs keep breaking about every two years. When the Tech showed up he said just looking at the broken garage door spring they are not correct. I have a custom wood door and they require custom springs. The tech left and came back with some springs that made the ones the last company put on look like mini springs. My door even sounds better and the opener doesn't seem to be stressing as much. Thank you Assurance for knowing what your doing and taking care of me. You have a new customer !!!
- Mike L 11.12.15

Great service on the phone and just as good of service in the home. All around very pleased with this company. If you need garage door work done call these people they are a class A company.
- Todd B 11.26.15

I have to give it up to Assurance for a moment. My garage door spring broke this past Sunday morning and our cars were trapped inside. I called the company we normally use and left a message. I waited about 45 min and no call back. I seen Assurance had some good reviews so I took a shot and called them. About 5 min later Mark called saying he was a tech with Assurance. I told him my issue and he said I can be there in 30 min or so. He came right out and got us fixed and we were on our way. I now have a new garage door company.
- Alexa P 11.29.15

Its hard to find companies who are on time and Assurance is always on time. They give a 2 hour window and a 30 min call notice. Have used several times and it's always the same great service.
- Mike P 12.15.15

I love that these guys do free estimates. Didn't charge me anything come out and take a look and since they had a great price I had them replace my springs.
- Bonnie W 12.17.15

Is it me or does anyone else have springs that always break on Saturday Mornings?? Mine broke this past Saturday and I normally use another company but they are not open on Weekends. My Sister told me to call Assurance. They were open until noon and got out and took care of my issue. Had a good price and now I will be calling them in the future.
- Don C 01.16.16

Thank you Assurance for your Great Service as always!!!
- Nancy C 02.04.16

I came home today and my garage would not go up. I called Assurance and they had a tech in my area and he was out in like 20 min. Wow!! I had a broken spring so he replaced both springs and it was back to working in 45 min. Thanks for the Great Service!!
- Jackie S 02.17.16

I needed a broken garage door spring replaced on my garage door and my neighbor gave me the number to Assurance as he has used them in the past. I called and they were very professional on the phone and the technician showed up on time. He was very fast and knew what he was doing. Great Service!! Will use them going forward.
- David C. 03.02.16

My garage door was sagging in the middle and I had another door company come out and they charged me $89.00 to tell me I needed a new door. I called Assurance and the guy on the phone was very informative and told me it might be able to be repaired with a Strut. I had them come out and sure enough the tech fixed the door. He did say this would get me some more life out of the door but to start saving up to replace it as its on its last leg. I will be calling these guys this summer to replace it.
- Eddie S 03.16.16

These guys have great service for a reasonable price. I have used them twice and each time they are prompt and efficient. They always give me information about maintaining my door and I did have them change the rollers and it sounds 100 times better. Great company would highly recommend them.
- Jose C 03.24.16

My spring broke this morning and my car was trapped in the garage. Come to find out the last company only put one spring on my door when I should have two. If they would have put on two I could have gotten my door open. Assurance got out fast and had me fixed up right. Will use them going forward.
- Janet A 04.02.16

This company is hands down the best garage door company in Broken Arrow. I have used another company in the past but a friend told me about Assurance and when my door came off the track yesterday I called them. They were great on the phone and had a tech out to me that day. He fixed my door and a few parts and the price was very fair. If you have a Garage Door Issue give Assurance Overhead Door a try, you won't be sorry.
- Beckey D 04.09.16

I would highly recommend using Assurance if you have a garage door repair need. They have online scheduling and they always show up when scheduled. I have used them several times over the past 15 years and they never disappoint.
- Chad N 05.06.16

I discovered I had a broken garage door spring this morning and I called Overhead Doors in Tulsa and they told me would be a few days before they could get out. I seen the great reviews on line about Assurance Overhead Doors so I called them. They had a tech out in just a few hours and had me fixed. Was great service and a good price. I will use them going forward.
- Patty L 05.11.16

I was teaching my son to drive and he ran into the garage door completely destroying it. I called Assurance and they came out and secured it for us and the next morning came out and installed us a new door. They made this process so simple and during a stressful time like this it was very welcomed. Would recommend Assurance to anyone needing a new door or anything else they may repair for that matter.
- Scott D 06.04.16

I had 3 door companies come out and give me a quote to replace my door and opener. Assurance was head and shoulders above the rest. They called ahead of time and just didn't show up. They actually showed up on time now wasting mine like one of the others did. They have a oklahoma made door which I loved. They were great to work with and the door was installed in just a few hours the morning it was scheduled. Sounds great, looks great. I am a happy customer!!!
- Lorri F 06.19.16

I have a heavy wood door and it has some large springs on it. I called Affordable garage door and the "Kid" they sent out said he could get some springs to replace it and the cost would be $975. I thought you have to be kidding me so I asked him to leave. He said ok, we can do it for $650. I told him again no thank you and told him one last time to leave. I called Assurance Overhead and the tech who came out said no problem I have the springs you need on my truck and the cost was $375 plus tax. I told him to please fix. I didn't get that vibe that he was trying to take advantage of me like the last company. I know who I will be recommending and calling in the future.
- Shane L 06.24.16

These guys were total professionals. Would highly recommend them to you.
- Jason D 07.03.16

My garage door was making so much noise I just knew I was waking up the neighbors at night when I came home. I called Assurance and they serviced the door and put in new rollers and WOW what a difference it made. It sounds like they installed a new door. Thanks Assurance and my neighbors thank you as well.
- Sheila E 07.24.16

My son who is learning how to drive pulled to far forward and hit our garage door. I had a few companies come out to look at it and Assurance was by far the most professional. The office staff was pleasant on the phones and the tech Steven called before he arrived and gave me all my options. We decided to have a new door installed. We scheduled it for a few days later and there were right on time again. New door is great plus its made in Oklahoma. We are really happy with the service and recommend them to everyone.
- Rick C 08.16.16

So many companies now are so full of sales Gimmicks you just hate calling someone to fix anything anymore. Assurance Overhead Doors, Inc. does business a different way. My door was off track and when I called Assurance Pete gave me a price to fix of $159.00. The Tech Marked showed up just when they said he would and you know what I paid. Yep, $159.00. Mark didn't spend 30min trying to sell me something I didn't need. The next time I have a garage door issue I know who I am calling and I recommend you do as well.
- Nancy P 08.23.16

This is a very professional company that seems to have their stuff together. Would recommend them to anyone who needs a garage door opener as they put in a Liftmaster belt drive for me and did an amazing job. Thanks Assurance.
- Marcus J 09.11.16

As a lady, I had no clue what was wrong with my garage door. All I knew is it wouldn't open. My Neighbor told me she had used Assurance to fix their garage door a few years ago and they did a great job. I called them from the stickier in her garage. They had a technician out within a few hours and it was my spring that was broke. I was fixed up and back to normal in about 45min. Very professional company would highly recommend them to anyone.
- Tori A 09.18.16